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Simone & Brooke



 Candi-Coated Couture is the brainchild of Simone Witherspoon. Simone hails from a family of seamstress who proceeded her and also attended the High School of Fashion Industries in New York City.


From a very young age she had a very keen fashion sense and spent hours sketching models in various designs and fashions.  Friends and family were always in awe of her ideas and asking to have "an original" made.   After working in several Design Houses such as Sears/Kmart, and for vendors that sold designs to Wal-mart, Nike & Levis, Simone decided to take her talent to become her own brand, hence CCC was born.

Candi Coated Couture specializes in custom apparel for all sizes and shapes.  We pride ourselves in paying attention to detail and working diligently to assure all patrons/customers are more than satisfied with their finished product.  CCC was officially established in 2007, but has been building clientele since 2004. Our services range from designing custom graphics & logos, to designing custom wedding gowns & prom dresses.  We also have built a relationship with the growing Motorcycle Club, Social Club, Auto Club & S.U.V Club circuit, which require a lot of leather specific designs.  In addition, we offer services like styling a client for an event or photo shoot and personal shopping.


A Children's Lifestyle Brand created for and by mini-fashionista Brooke Lynn Beary and her mom.


This collection is full of vibrant colors, great quality materials and is complemented by 20+ years of experience in the Fashion industry. Please stay tuned as Brooke's creativity blossoms and the collection follows suit!

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